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The most convenient monthly litter box ever. This truly is litter box magic that doesn’t break your back or the bank.

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Cleaner & Healthier

Less mess & Waste

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Say Goodbye To That 'Litter Box' Smell

Our revolutionary all-in-one disposable and 100% recyclable kitty litter box with litter options, will trap odours instantly and eliminate the moisture, so you will never smell your cat’s dirty business again.

The best part? It will last a month and we’ll deliver it free every month to your door.

How the Kitty Litter Box subscription works

Tell us the number of litter boxes or bags you need and how often
We'll deliver your subscription to your door every month
Scoop the poop when necessary and stir the litter just once a day
Discard the used litter and recycle the box when your fresh box arrives
Manage your subscription online. Change dates, skip, pause and more, at anytime

Cancel Anytime

Risk Free Guarantee

99.9% Dust-Free

The Cat Litter That Actually Works.

100% organic mineral silica litter. How does it last 30 days?... Our non-clumping premium silica cat litter contains millions of micro-pores that neutralise the bacteria and traps the odour causing chemical ammonia inside.

The liquid (urine) is absorbed in such an amazing manner that the litter will remain hygienic and dry to the touch.

Safe for your pet, home and our planet.

Veterinarian Dr J Arndt MRCVS

Vet Approved

I had my doubts to begin with, I have 3 very poopy Siamese cats. I honestly was shocked this box lasted the whole month, with no odour! One of my cats suffers from diarrhea and it did not affect the litter at all. The cats used the boxes straight away too, the concept is very good. I will not be switching back to my old litter.

Dr J Arndt, MRCVS

Why is Kitty Litter Box Better?

We are here to take some stress out of cat parenting so you can focus on what matters most… living a long and happy life together.

With cats in mind, our eco-friendly litter box has been tastefully designed to fit into your home. Made from 100% recyclable materials, it's leakproof, lasts 30 days and can be recycled at the end of the month.

Save Money and Time

Our all-in-one box offers free shipping and ease of mind for just £18.99. Our litter options start at just £9.75*

30 Day Odour Control

Our chemical free premium silica litter eliminates the stink so you'll use much less litter and no need to mask smells.

Delivery Included

Still hauling around giant bags of litter? Our litter will last one cat for a whole month long, and the shipping is included.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...


I am a very happy customer. The box with its generous size, high sides, no odour, stir once a day and a quick sift to remove when needed it is super easy to keep a clean and tidy litterbox area.


Somerton, UK


Love it lot easy to clean and use, I have 2 cats and I wish I knew about Kitty Litter box along time ago have tried others but Kitty Litter is the best


Macduff, UK


Cats love this stuff!! tried a couple of others when I ran out and when this as not available, very unhappy kitties.
As soon as I replaced with this they were in and using! Great product, very happy with this and will continue to use.
Great customer service too!


West Calder, UK


I’m really impressed with everything about the Kitty Litter Box. We hated the dust that our old cat litter produced, landing on everything in our utility room but with kitty litter there is no dust! The small particles that Tonks sometimes brings out with her are easily swept up so the whole system is much tidier. The way it is delivered, assembled and then packed away again is ingenious!


Leeds, UK


Been using this service for a while now and had no issues. Home delivery each month saves having to carry heavy litter from shop and being able to amend order quantity is very useful.


York, UK


This is a great alternative to traditional litter. The litter does last the full month and doesn’t give off any of that acrid pee smell, even when you bin it at the end of the month. The silica is eco friendly too, should any get flushed with the poops! I’ve been using for 6month now as don’t think I’ll change back to traditional litter.


London, UK


I've had the box for two weeks now. It has no smell which is great so my cat is happy to use it repeatedly. The beads do get stuck in my cat's paws so end up all over the floor, but I think all litter does that. My only suggestion would be to change the colour of the beads to perhaps yellow or blue as this would make it look better over the month.


Nailsea, UK


2 weeks in, no smell, kitten seems to love it.


Mansfield, UK


This product is absolutely amazing. Now we can use the conservatory again as the smell is totally controlled. The new box arrives promptly each month and it is the easiest thing in the world to close up the old one, dispose of it and set up the new. This is the best thing ever - you will be thrilled with it I’m sure. Worth every penny!


Canterbury, UK

And The Cats Approve...

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