Five Ways To Prevent Your Cat From Gaining Excessive Weight

Five Ways To Prevent Your Cat From Gaining Excessive Weight

     If you notice that your cat just eats, sleeps, and lays around more than usual, he could be at an increased risk of becoming overweight. A healthy cat may sleep for more than 14 hours each day, but he should still be physically active. If you have tried playing with your cat and he isn’t showing any interest, you might need to start noticing his daily habits and making some changes to help him remain active and healthy. It is much easier to prevent obesity, than treating it.

These simple steps can help your overweight cat shed excess pounds and maintain an ideal body weight:

Limit Portion Size- this is the most direct way to prevent your cat from getting fat and unhealthy. A large bowl of kibble can give your cat excessive number of calories, which contributes to unwanted weight gain. Many dry food products for cats are high in carbohydrates, which carnivores can’t metabolise well. This may result in thicker fat layer and your cat could become obese. Depending on the age and cat breed, the daily calories intake may vary. Ask the vet for recommended serving size. When choosing cat food, you need to focus more on quality, instead of quantity.

Give Toys- cats love playing with toys. You can give your cat some yarn and play with him. Your cat will jump constantly as you throw the yarn around. It’s a great way for you cat to burn excess calories. However, make sure that you observe the cat when playing. Yarn may cause your cat to choke if you don’t observe him while playing.

Use The Kitty Litter Box- sometimes, an older cat can become lethargic because they don’t like their litter box. The best way to cure this is to use the Kitty Litter Box. The Kitty Litter Box uses organic, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable silica litter which can keep odours and bacteria locked away for a whole month. It’s hygienic, chemical-free and 100% safe for your pets.

Go For A Walk- you can leash walk your cat and it’s recommended to choose a harness leash for better comfort and safety. Your cat will enjoy the outdoor experience and it’s a great daily activity to walk around the neighbourhood.

Switch To Diet Food- it is important to follow the advice of your vet when switching to a low-calorie cat food. Choose lean meat options with low fat content. Your cat should get a natural and healthier diet, preferably from organic meat cat food products.

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