Make 2021 The Year You Switch To Silica Litter

Make 2021 The Year You Switch To Silica Litter

If you’re a cat owner, there is a good chance you’re often adding litter to the shopping list. Whether your cat is solely an indoor cat or just spends the evenings at home, getting the right litter is key to making your cat happy. What makes a good litter you ask? The best ones are both very absorbent and work to neutralise odours too.

Clumping vs silica is an age old question. With more and more people starting to see the benefits to silica litter, we thought we’d round up some of the benefits and help you make the switch in 2021!

It lasts longer

With clumping litter, you have to remove the formed clumps from the litter box. Whereas with silica litter, it continues to absorb the moisture until it reaches its capacity. This means that the litter can last up to four weeks before it needs changing. That means you can say goodbye to getting caught short, no more rushing to the shops to get litter when you’re running low and kitty has to go. Not only does this last longer, it’s also a lot easier to maintain. Simply remove the poop and give it a stir!

It’s better for you and your cat

One of the most increasingly popular advantages to choosing silica litter is the health angle. Traditional clumping litter is often messy, silica is virtually dust free and great for households with allergies.

It’s better for the environment 

Silica litter has been around for a long time and they are now designed to be compostable too. At Kitty Litter Box, we offer an easy to use, all-in-one litter box for your cat. Thanks to the technology and unique properties of our premium silica litter, our litter lasts up to 30 days and reminds odour-free. By signing up to our subscription service, your litter box is send directly to your door. Not only are you using less product and saving money, you’re cutting down your carbon footprint too! 

Contact Kitty Litter Box 

To learn more about why pet owners are switching to our new, convenient all-in-one monthly solution to cat litter, contact Kitty Litter Box and speak to one of our cat enthusiasts today. Join meow! 

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