Most Popular Pet Cat Breeds

Most Popular Pet Cat Breeds

     If you are looking for a family pet, there are many good reasons to choose a cat. Cats are very quiet, docile creatures who can be easily trained to use a litter box. There are many cat breeds available and each year, some are much more popular than others. Most cat owners are typically more interested in unusual or easy-to-maintain breeds.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some of the most popular cat breeds that will make a great family pet:

Ragdoll- this breed is well-known by mild temperament and fluffy coat. When you pick up a Ragdoll, it tends to go limp, hence its name. For owners who love to carry around and cuddle their cat, they would very much enjoy taking care of a Ragdoll.

American Longhair- also known as the Maine Coon, it’s a native breed from Maine, USA and probably one of the earliest modern domestic breeds. With its prominent weight and height, the American Longhair is a large breed. These cats are curious and they love to explore. The long, dense fur makes American Longhair suitable for cold winter days.

Bengal- Bengal cats are a hybrid of the Asian Leopard cat and domestic British cat. It has silky fur and beautiful coat pattern from the Asian Leopard cat. Bengal cats are identified by an “F” number. The lower number indicates closer relation to the wild cat genetic. Bengal cats are more valuable if they relate closer to their Asian Leopard cat ancestor.

British Shorthair- the British shorthair is one of the UK’s native cat breeds and it’s quite popular. This breed is usually bred for its plush and thick coat. With its muscular, solid build, the British shorthair has an attractive rounded appearance.

Persian- with its luxurious, long fur and short-muzzled face, it’s an immediately recognisable breed. Persian cats are also known for their delicate face, with various variants, such as doll-faced or peke-faced Persian.

Siamese- lean and muscular with strokable fur, the Siamese is one of the more exotic cat breeds. It’s easy to distinguish a Siamese cat with its large ears and triangular face. If you want to form a strong relationship with a pet, Siamese is a good breed to choose. It will follow you around like a puppy with distinctive baby-like meows.

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