New Kitten Tips And Tricks For Better Care

New Kitten Tips And Tricks For Better Care

     Having a pet can enrich your life and a new kitten can be a great source of love. It’s certainly fun and exciting to watch them play and grow. Caring for a new kitten does take some knowledge and patience as you want them to be healthy and happy. With that in mind, we are going to share some helpful kitten care tips that will help you get the most out of your new kitten.

New Kitten Tips And Tricks For Care

Kitten-Proof Your Home- if your new kitten is active and playful, everything in your home will become a toy. This can be potentially harmful for your pet. Thoroughly check your home and remove any objects that can harm your kitten. Poisonous house plants, yarn, detergent, bleach, and electrical cords may harm your kitten. It’s crucial to check all rooms because your kitten is innately curious. Always close door of washers and dryers because your kitten may climb into them for a nap.

Regularly Visit The Vet- although your kitten looks perfectly healthy, you need to let the vet perform examinations. Your new kitten must be checked for hereditary medical conditions, diseases (like FeIV and FiV), and parasites. The vet will also recommend appropriate vaccines for your kitten. It is much easier to treat health conditions if they are detected and managed early. Good health will ensure proper growth and development.

Prepare Tools And Supplies- by having the right items, your new kitten will have more comfort at home. Essential tools and supplies include a cosy bed, litter box, scratching post, water dishes, food bowl, comb/brush, shampoo, safe toys, collar, carrier, and an ID tag.

Bond With Your Kitten- human contact is essential to raise a new kitten and make him a loving member of your family. While watching TV, hold your kitten and spend more time to snuggle with him. Every day, you should play with and hold your kitten, so you can make a solid emotional bond. Ensure gentle interactions with your kitten because cats under 12 weeks of age are particularly fragile. If your children don’t know how to handle a small kitten, tell them to be especially gentle and careful.

Provide Training- many people assume that cats are harder to train because they are more independent than dogs. In reality, you can train a young kitten, although it is much more challenging. Raising a kitten itself can be quite difficult, let alone when you need to train the cat. Even so, cats are very intelligent and if you are committed, you can train them to obey commands, use the litter box, and perform various tricks. Provide positive rewards and continue to be patient and you will be happily surprised by the results.

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