Seven Ways To Pamper Your Senior Cat

Seven Ways To Pamper Your Senior Cat

As a responsible owner of a senior cat, it is important for you to fulfil his basic needs, like providing quality beverages or food, taking him for the vet for regular check-ups and addressing any medical issue immediately. However, since your cat has accompanied you for so many years, you should pamper your feline friend even more. This will not only help strengthen the bond you both share, but it will also make him feel more special.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some things you can do to pamper your senior cat:

King-Size Bed- all cats love napping, and your senior cat may have mastered the art of sleeping all day by now. Your senior cat will appreciate a larger bed with extra bedding for additional comfort while sleeping.

Quality Time- spend some peaceful, quality time with your cat. Let your cat relax on your lap. Spend time to pat and hug your cat. Talk to him gently and continue playing with him.

Treats- consider giving your cat special treats and avoid giving him human food to prevent digestion issues and other health problems. Spoil him with his favourite meals, but make sure that they are healthy and nutritious. Ask the vet about ideal treats for senior cats.

Window View- older cats are often less active than younger ones. They love to stare out the windows at birds. Attract wild birds with a feeder to give your cat a front row seat.

Indoor Entertainment- keep your senior cat active and occupied at home. Give him brand-new toys. Many senior cats still love playing with woolen rolls and colourful balls. Be sure to play with them to ensure quality time and a good bond. Make things more exciting by hiding favourite toys at certain places. Play hide and seek to keep things fun.

Scratching Points- it’s a natural tendency for cats to scratch on things. Attach thick fabric near his bed, so your cat won’t up end up scratching sofa covers and bed sheets. Alternatively, you can invest in scratching posts and place them at different spots inside your home.

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