The Best-Selling Cat Toys of 2022.

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Cats need fun and mental stimulation in their daily life. Playtime is an important part of your cat’s healthy development and makes them remain active and entertained. A cat toy is designed to give your cat something to play with. After all, there's nothing cuter than watching your cat roll around on the floor with their favourite toy.

Are you looking for best-selling cat toys that are safe and last a lifetime? In this post, we will share what cat toys you can get for your feline companion.

  • Fishing Poles/ Teasers: Poles and teasers usually come with ribbons, feathers, or other attractive items attached. Playing with poles and teasers is great for sharpening your cat’s natural skills like stalking, chasing, or pouncing.
  • Catnip-infused toys: Catnip toys encourage play, and, eventually, reduce stress, boredom, and promote relaxation.
  • Scratchers: Cat scratchers not only give your cat a greaf outlet for her natural instincts, but they can also save your carpet and furniture from wear and tear. Types of cat scratchers vary: choose from flat scratchers, trees, condos, ramps, towers, and perches in an array of shapes and sizes.
  • Climbing toy: If you think your cat might be a natural climber, then give her some climbing toys, like a cat tree, window perch, or wall installations. They'll help your kitty explore her new home from higher up.
  • Mice and Balls: These toys look like prey and stimulate predatory instincts. Always supervise your cat to make sure she doesn’t try to devour her toys. Balls provide a terrific cardiovascular workout to help your cat stay active, flexible, and coordinated. Balls and mice inspire your cat to chase, bat, and uncover hidden items.
  • Interactive puzzle toys: Interactive puzzle toys help mentally stimulate your cat by engaging in playtime when you’re not home.

The benefits of cat toys

Most toys are designed for entertainment, but many have additional benefits for your cat.

  • Keeps your cat busy and stress-free: Toys create a useful distraction for your kitty. As your cat gets engaged in a toy, it redirects its energy and prevents behavioural problems. Playing with cat toys even boosts their mood and staves off boredom.
  • Toys build independence

Toys keep your felines entertained while you're not there. Your cat is also more likely to give you your space when you're trying to get things done at home.

  • Stimulate your cat's mind:

Playing with enrichment toys will give your cat great mental stimulation, especially if the toy is interactive. Playing with toys also helps them stay mentally sharp.

  • A fun and easy way to train:

Cat toys are a fun and easy way to get some training. 

  • Provide an opportunity to exercise: Many toys will get your cat moving and using its muscles. Some toys have built-in scratchers to help cats maintain their claws.
  • Teeth and jaw muscle exercise:

Your cat will end up with better dental hygiene just by playing with chew toys. Some cat toys offer chewing components to encourage good oral health.

  • They can be used as positive reinforcement:

If your kitty enjoys playing with toys, it can be used as a reward in your next training session. For many cats, a toy is much more rewarding than food treats.


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