What To Do When Your Cat Stops Using Its Litter Box

What To Do When Your Cat Stops Using Its Litter Box

     If your cat has stopped using its litter box, there are a variety of probable causes. Responsible pet owners should investigate the cause first and then find the most effective solution. Most of the time, there is an easy to remedy this issue and you can get back to enjoying your furry friend without having to clean up messes.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some things that you can do if your cat has stopped using its litter box:

Check Possible Health Problems- although your cat might look perfectly healthy, it is still advisable to take him to a vet for regular physical exams. Often, health issues that cause lapses in the use of his litter box can be remedied easily. You need to bring your cat to the vet right away if symptoms include traces of blood in the urine, excessive licking of the genital area, and straining to urinate.

Give Declawed Cat Enough Time- if your cat has had its front claws removed recently, it may refuse to use the litter box. Because its paws are still quite sensitive following the procedure, it can still have an aversion to using the litter box. It typically takes a week for declawed paws to heal completely. In the meantime, use soft tissue paper or pine wood shavings as temporary litter for your cat.    

Choose A Different Litter Box- if you replaced the litter box recently and your cat refuses to use it, it may have a specific preference. The brand-new litter box may have distinct chemical scent and your cat isn’t fond of it. To avoid problems, be sure to choose unscented litter, because some cat breeds have very sensitive noses. If your cat is still growing, the litter box may end up being too small. If your adult cat is gaining weight or entering its senior years, it can be increasingly difficult to use a litter box with high walls. If you plan to change the litter material, make sure to replace it gradually.

Relocate To The Original Location- if you moved the litter box recently, your cat may refuse to use it. Your cat is a creature of habit and it’s important to provide training, if you need to change the location of the box. Avoid putting the litter box in a noisy, high-traffic area, like the laundry room, because your cat needs privacy and quietness when using the litter box.

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