The Cat Litter Box Made Simple...

It started with our daughter and how she loved playing with our friend’s cats.

About Us

The hassle cat owners go through with litter chores! From lugging around big bags of litter, the disposing and cleaning of trays every few days, to then dealing with that stink!

There had to be a better solution to the biggest pet peeve! Well, watching our friend's having to go through this and at the same time thinking of adding a fur-balled addition to our family, got us thinking! It gave us the idea of taking away all of that inconvenience that cat owners experience when it comes to cleaning up after their cats and that's when the inspiration for Kitty Litter Box was founded.

Eco-Friendly and Hassle Free

100 % Recyclable, Healthier & Cleaner

Recycle the used box and replace it with the new and fresh one every month. Our litter is a natural mineral silica litter that is 99.9% dust free and hypo-allergenic. The box is also environmentally friendly.

Thinking Inside The Box!

The Most Convenient Litter Box Ever

Our high performing Kitty Litter Box is the total all-in-one solution. It offers privacy and comfort for your cat, an odour-free home and is tastefully designed to look great! Best Part? No scrubbing and heavy handling required.

Don't take our word for it


Love having disposable litter trays. Great quality product delivered to your door. Cats love it. Good value




This is the best kitty litter we have ever used much cleaner and no nasty smells


Bury, UK


Really enjoyed the ease of use of Kitty Litter. Zero faffing and even on the hottest of days they was no smell.


London, UK


Great litter box! And the cats loved it too. Still a slight smell but nothing toooo bad.


Plymouth, UK


Very good product


Forest Row, UK

100% Feline Guarantee. Try Us For 30 Days Risk Free.

Our promise and commitment is to help and respond with excellent customer service. We will refund you the full amount if your box did not last the whole month, odour-free. This guarantee is valid for customers who wish to claim a refund within the first 30 day period of using our product