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An Everyday Problem...Finally Solved!

It started with our daughter and how she loved playing with our friend’s cats. We noticed the hassle they had to go through changing litter, disposing of litter, cleaning out the tray and then there was the horrid odour issue too!

We also saw the big bags of litter they purchased and had to haul home from the store. That gave us the idea of taking away all of that inconvenience that cat owners experience when it comes to cleaning up after their cats. We knew if you look to solve problems or inconveniences that people have then you could find a business opportunity.

Kitty Litter Box

Its all in the box!


And simple to use

A simple subscription model that adds value to people’s lives. We are creating a community of fans that are passionate about their pets and helping spread the word about Kitty Litter Box. We know you will love our “Purr” fect Solution!

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100% Feline Guarantee


Fantastic service

Love having disposable litter trays. Great quality product delivered to your door. Cats love it. Good value

Nina, from Skegness.

A most practical soloution...

A most practical soloution to our cat's toilet needs; best for her and for us: no more frequent changes of the cat litter tray and no odours! It lasted well for 4 weeks, even after Truffle had had a good scrat at the base it stayed intact and there was no leakage. It's simple to dispose of too. Plus it's delivered to our door without us having to remember to order it! What more could you ask for?

Catherine, from Grantham.

Outstanding customer service

I was thrilled to find this service which has enabled me to be much more environmentally friendly regarding cat litter. It took a few attempts to get the right delivery frequency but the customer service department was absolutely outstanding; very quick responses to any queries and they went out of their way to help and resolve any issues. I would not hesitate to recommend this company and hope to continue being a customer of theirs for many years to come.

Karen, from Wymondham.

I am really please with the "Kitty Litter Box" I love the fact that there is no changing of litter and after a month you just fold it back down and dispose of it. And the fact that it is biodegradable, my little bit for the environment!! One thing I hated about normal litter trays was changing the litter every few days because of the smell etc. I have had absolutely no smell with this and my kitty also loves it. She likes the high sides for privacy and I like the sides because she doesn't flick nearly as much litter everywhere anymore. Definitely won't be going back to normal litter trays. Great product and would highly recommend it.

Liz, from Manchester.