Our Subscription

After placing your order with us, you are all set, we will do the rest! You will be automatically subscribed to Kitty Litter Box. The day of your first purchase will be the same date of each month that we will process your re-occurring KittyLitterBox. We will notify you via email to tell you that we have processed your order and that it is on it's way.

Be sure to add your mobile number too, for up to date delivery notifications.

After placing your first order, you will be prompted to set up your account so that you can manage your subscription at anytime, online. With our hassle-free, cancel anytime subscription you can update and amend your order date, frequency and quantity. You can even pause or skip your future orders!

We honestly think our service and product is great value for money! At just £18.99, Kitty Litter Box is a real game changer for pet-parents. Our highly functional box offers not only a total solution and the convenience, it also offers an odour-free home. Just 3kg/7L of chemical free silica litter will last a WHOLE month! Litter only options start at just £9.75* per bag, per month, and the best part? The delivery cost is included in the price! (*based on 4 bag litter option).

If you are experiencing problems with logging into your account or have difficulty with any function within your account area, please contact us and we will assist with this – no problem!

Kitty Litter Box. The All-In-One Solution

KittyLitterBox is so easy to use, just follow these simple steps below for a hassle-free month ahead...

Open the lid. Store the lid away or place it underneath the box as you will need it when you are ready to dispose of it at the end of the month.

Slide on the spine bars onto each side of the side wall of the box- to make the box rigid.

Pour in your litter, evenly spread it out. Your box is now ready to use!

Remove the poop as often as you need to but only stir the litter thoroughly ONCE each day. There will be no clumps to remove as the water (urine) will evaporate. The litter will remain hygienic and dry to the touch, locking away the bacteria and odour for a solid 30 days.

When your new box arrives, simply remove the spine bars, fold down the box, apply the lid back on with the used litter inside of it and discard the whole box in your general waste bin. The box is biodegradable and the litter is already in its natural organic form, so it will simply decompose back into the earth over time in the landfill.

One pre-filled KittyLitterBox will last one month for one cat. Two cats can share a KittyLitterBox – just be sure to switch out the box sooner! (Two cats = two boxes per month).

No, he will not! Where your cat does his business is a very private and territorial place for him, so he will not tear/chew his KittyLitterBox or use it as a toy! We have had no reports of ANY cats doing so either!

Your cat having diarrhoea will not affect the performance of our premium silica cat litter. Our litter will trap bacteria immediately, extracting the moisture from the diarrhoea. Simply scoop and remove only the poop and any remnant that remains from the diarrhoea.

Our KittyLitterBox and premium silica litter will last a normal healthy cat for one month, but there can be exceptional circumstances where some cats are in need of their box/litter switching out sooner than a month.

The main reasons for a sooner delivery could be your cat has a higher frequency urine output – due to an increase of water, infection, other underlying health conditions or older aged cats.

It could also simply be a personal owner/cat preference.

If you feel you would prefer a sooner delivery, please login into your account and in the 'manage subscription' area, amend your frequency here. Yes, it's that simple!

The Cat Litter

Thanks to the technology and unique properties of our premium silica litter, your cat can urinate in the litter all month long! Because 95% of cat urine is water, this liquid gets absorbed and the moisture will evaporate within a few hours of contacts.

The remaining 5% contains stuff that makes the urine stink!(ammonia). Along with the bacteria, these elements get immediately locked inside the porous channels of each granule for a long time. This is how our litter lasts up to 30 days and remains odour-free!

After around 30 days, the granules will become full of the solid molecules and the litter will require changing.

Do not worry when the litter starts to discolour. This is just the molecules absorbing and locking away that odour and bacteria, it will not affect the performance of the litter.

Our silica litter is non-clumping, 100% natural and chemical free mineral based organic silica litter.

Its ingredients are: silica sand, water and oxygen.

Unlike many other types of silica, ours has nothing added to it and is not big, chunky and sharp. Our premium silica litter is scent and colourant free. 99.9% dust free and hypo-allergenic, perfect for the whole household and especially for cats who are asthmatic.

Do not confuse our silica litter with other products that contain crystalline silica, they are not the same. Our silica litter does not contain crystalline silica. Our silica comes from the amorphous (non crystalline) form of silica. The content is 100% silica sand and does not contain any fillers.

Disclaimer: Due to global shortages and supply issues, we are currently supplying our customers an alternative silica cat litter which may differ slightly in size and shape. If you would like more information about this, please contact us.

It is completely harmless if accidently swallowed/ingested.

We understand cats can be finicky by nature, so rest assured, the majority of our new customers love our product and make the switch straight away.

For a seamless switch, be sure to remove your old litter from the tray completely, so he has only his new KittyLitter/Box to use.

For cats who need some extra help with the adjustment, simply pour half of our litter into your tray/box, then cover over with half to one inch of your ‘old’ cat litter.

Naturally the cat will stir things up and as your cat adjusts you should be able to switch to using just our litter within a few days.

For more advice or assistance please get in touch with us!

Litter Only Options

Prefer to use your own litter tray and just our litter? No problem, order your preferred bag option, set your frequency for delivery and your all set. We will do the rest! 

Yes! We offer discounts If you have more than five cats in your household, please get in touch by telling us your needs.